The True Benefits Of Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is an effective non-surgical technique that can relieve back pain, leg pain, and other symptoms associated with disc bulges, disc herniations, and other disorders of the spine. It works by gently imposing a traction or “pulling” force on both ends of the spine, either with a specialized mechanical device or with our chiropractor’s hands. At True Wellness, our staff is proud to offer spinal decompression as just one of many services that makes a big difference in our patients’ quality of life and functional outcomes.

Top 5 Benefits Of Spinal Decompression With Our Lancaster Chiropractor

Spinal decompression at True Wellness is comfortable, non-surgical, and effective, plus, it offers several specific benefits for our patients with spine-related dysfunction:

  1. Provides pain relief. Decompression can relieve tension in tight, spasoming, or injured muscles and stimulate the nervous system to release neuro-chemical signals that have an analgesic effect on the body. This can provide significant pain relief in as little as 1 to 3 sessions.
  2. Promotes healing of spinal disc tissues. Decompression imposes a vacuum-like force on the spinal discs, which helps to draw healing fluids, cells, and other substances toward the damaged tissue.
  3. Helps restore normal spinal disc and joint alignment. Things like stress, poor body mechanics, smoking, and other factors may cause joints to sublux (move out of place) or your discs to herniate. That same vacuum-like force that helps to realign the joints and discs, thus preventing further pain, inflammation, impaired mobility, and dysfunction.
  4. Relieves pressure on spinal nerves. Spinal nerves can get pinched when discs, bones, or other tissues encroach on the small spaces through which the nerves exit the spinal column as they go on to innervate the body. Non-surgically decompressing the spine increases the space around these nerves, which may otherwise have become impinged and inflamed, thus allowing these nerves to begin healing.
  5. Accelerates effectiveness of other healing approaches. At its core, spinal decompression helps to maximize your spinal health and function, and as we’ve heard the saying goes: a healthy spine supports a healthy body! By maximizing your spinal health through decompression, other therapeutic approaches offered at True Wellness, including functional medicine and cold laser therapy, tend to work better and faster.

Can Spinal Decompression Help You? Call Our Team Today To Find Out!

Our Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Eric Shaver, along with the rest of his interdisciplinary team at Team Wellness,wants everyone from his community to experience the difference that holistic, comprehensive, and non-invasive care can make for back pain and more. If you’re curious about spinal decompression or would like to learn about our other services, call Team Wellness today at (661) 945-4441.


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