Esteban S.

I began the diabetes program around the first week of September. I was a patient when I first noticed that they offered a diabetes program. I was intrigued and I liked it a lot! Before starting I was taking 84 units of insulin daily, I woke up in cold sweats, I was dizzy most of the time, and tired throughout the day. I also had mood swings or just be in a bad mood. And I never noticed until being on the program that I felt bloated. But since starting, I feel like every day I’m improving! Dr. Shaver has shed light on the importance of my health. I’ve never felt so awake in a long time. I feel more energized, I can do more things at home and outside, I don’t have any bloating or mood swings. There’s a big difference in whom I was before and who I am now. You know the feeling when you first open a bottle of champagne? That’s what I feel like every day.

Steve B.

I went to another chiropractor before Allied Chiropractic. They really did not do anything for me. I was one of the first patients of Dr. Shaver back when he first started his chiropractic office, about 16 years ago. I came in for shoulder and neck pain from construction work I did. After Dr. Shaver treated me I knew that his facility was the only one I would go to. I began to have low back pain and nothing would help relief no matter what I did. I began my decompression treatment a few months ago for my low back pain. The combination of the chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Val and decompression has helped me with my bulging disc and sublaxation of my low back. I love the office because they treat my ailments that are SPECIFIC to me. Not a lot of doctors do that. I think it’s great what Allied Physical Medicine is doing. They don’t just focus on the spine, or the neck, etc. They focus on the entire body as a whole.

Diane V.

I was a mess head-to-toe. I was a prior patient here 15 years ago and I’ve started to see Dr. Shaver, Dr. Val, and Allied Chiropractic again for all my aches, pains, and chiropractic needs. They’ve helped tremendously! I’ve been able to perform at my jobs better, walk miles with my dogs, and enjoy my life without thinking about pain the next day. I have no migraines, low back pain is completely gone, I am able to sleep soundly, I have better mobility and flexibility, and even my allergies are gone. I’ve come a long way since I started with them again a year ago and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Allied Physical Medicine is an asset to this community. Dr. Shaver and Dr. Val’s knowledge is monumental and life changing. They taught me the importance of my health and maintaining a healthy immune system. I am beyond where I wanted to be because of them. They are blessings and God-sent.

Terilee H.

I agreed to a 3 month treatment at Allied for neck decompression, massage, and chiropractic adjustments. I was extremely eager to try out my treatment and relieve myself from so much pain! I was excited to try out the decompression table especially. Before Allied, I was seeing another chiropractor for my adjustments to get a relief for a day. The whole time with them I didn’t know that I had bone on bone in my neck! But once coming here I was feeling relief almost instantly. There’s been an increase in my range of motion. My migraines use to occur several times a week now it’s reduced to once a month. I highly recommend this facility and encourage everyone to check it out.

Brandon D.

I began feeling pain after a head on collision accident that fractured my hip. The thing is that I didn’t know my hip was fractured. That was January 2002 and I started treatment here around August (2016), that was the best decision I’ve ever made. I had extreme back pain 70%-90% of every day of my life. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand, basic functions were out the window. I couldn’t spend time with my kids without having painkillers. I had to sit, stand, and lay down thinking about HOW I’m sitting, standing, and lying down. I was consciously and consistently thinking about my posture all the time because if I move a certain way it’d hurt. I started my treatments with Dr. Val two and a half months ago and my back pain is completely gone! I can feel things again, I don’t need to take pain killers, and I can hang out and play with my children. I feel like I’ve improved 90-95%!

Aimee A.

I’ve had hypothyroid disease for about 10 years now due to a benign tumor pressing on my pituitary gland. I’ve been to 2 endocrinologists throughout this time, Dr. Patel and Dr. Dulgeroff. The last time I went I was in tears to him and he pretty much threw his hands in the air and told me he can’t do any more for me, he doesn’t know what to tell me and I’m going to have to continue living this way. Weight gain, hair loss, so cold it hurts my body, and really severe depression and anxiety. I began treatments in October 2015. Since then hair is longer, it doesn’t hurt when it’s cold outside, my depression is gone, I can sleep all through the night, and my weight is manageable now. Dr. Shaver is one of the smartest people I know and has been a huge pillar in my life. I learned more about my thyroid and what it’s not being able to convert and he showed me how to be able to aid that conversion process. He helped me when no one else could. He gave me answers to questions no one could answer. He gave me my hope and my life back and for that I will always be grateful. He cares for each patient and loves to help us live better and get our bodies back to the way they are meant to work. The staff is outstanding. They are like a family and make you feel as if you are home when you are in the office. I urge everyone to go there. It will be one of the best decisions you can make with your life. You would be putting it in the best of hands.

Janeice M.

The reason I came in is because I was in constant pain all the time, from my skull to my feet. I had shoulder pain, neck, back, and knee pain. I was suffering so bad I had long 15 hour days and I had to take pain killers just to get through it. Even when I went home I had to do home treatments and try not to move. I took twice as much Ibu Profen just to numb the pain. I knew what I was doing. I knew that it was bad but I had to get through the day. It hurt so much that I had to result to disability retirement. I feel this pain because I was a prior ballet dancer but the “cherry on top” was an accident I suffered in May. Since coming into Allied Physical Medicine, I have no pain at all. Sometimes I have discomfort but it’s nothing that Dr. Val and Emy can’t treat. I feel fine almost instantly. I’ve NOT taken any pain killing medications since coming here. There’s such a huge difference between whom I was and who I am now. I learned so much from all the doctors at Allied. I can actually do some of my old ballet stretches again. I can walk without groaning in pain. I think that Allied is AWESOME. It’s such a pleasant place to be at with such a helpful and kind staff. I love walking in and have Monica greet me! She’s so nice! The whole staff is completely mindful of what happens to you and ensure you get taken care of 100% of the way. They don’t make you feel like your cattle about to go through an assembly line. They give you a tremendous amount of support and it’s something we all need as patients and as people.