Proper Workplace Ergonomics

Adjust Your Workplace Ergonomics with Allied Physical Medicine in Lancaster, CA

Most of us have to work for a living — and unfortunately, many of us suffer pain as a result. Many forms of work-related strain and repetitive motion injuries are associated with incorrect workplace ergonomics that place the body under needless additional stress. If you want to avoid a work injury, think about adopting the following workplace ergonomics best practices tips from Allied Physical Medicine in Lancaster, CA.

Keep Frequently-Used Items Close at Hand

Are you constantly stretching out or contorting yourself into difficult positions to reach a file cabinet, desk drawer, or piece of equipment? Move that frequently-used item closer to your body so can maintain a healthy musculoskeletal alignment as you work with it.

Make Some Height Changes

You can’t grow taller or shorter in an instant, but elements of your workstation certainly can. Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome by keeping wrists at a straight, comfortable angle as you type and raise or lower your keyboard or desk. If you’re craning your neck or drooping your head to see your monitor, adjust the monitor height so your eyes are even with the top third of the screen. This can prevent chronic neck and eye strain.

Sit for Health

How you sit can make all the difference in how safely and comfortably you work. Adjust your chair height until your legs are bent at right angles, with both feet flat on the floor and your body facing straight ahead. If this places you at an odd angle to other equipment or furnishings, adjust those items to suit your new position.

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The healthier your ergonomics, the healthier and happier your body is likely to be, workday after workday. If you want more guidance on the subject of workplace ergonomics, or you need treatment for a workplace strain injury, don’t hesitate to call Allied Physical Medicine in Lancaster, CA at (661) 945-4441.


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